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Everything You Want To Know About My New Book & My Vadodara Trip!


Hello, my blogger family!

It’s a while since I wrote to you. The last couple of months has been extremely hectic and happening for me. Despite being involved in many things, I’ve missed blogging and have constantly thought about you guys in the back of my mind.

Today, I have taken a day off from the office, especially to write this blog and share a few important updates from my life.

So here I am on a Monday afternoon, sitting with my laptop on my lap, resting my legs on the table (one of my favourite writing poses), writing to you, my dear reader.

To begin with, I am extremely sorry for not giving you any updates about the launch of my new book. As I mentioned in my previous blog about the overwhelming wait for my second book, I did not get enough time to write to you at the time of launch. So, here’s everything you want to know about the new book and its launch: 

1. The launch day

My publisher had arranged an Instagram live session to launch our new book – My Brave Lady. It was a 30 minute scheduled session but continued to 45 minutes. I enjoyed every minute of my live book launch.

We launched the cover page of the book in the launch itself. To make it feel like an actual book launch, I printed a giant poster of the book cover and revealed it after having a friendly discussion on the book and the writing process.    

I enjoyed talking about everything that the publisher had to ask. One of the reasons to keep writing would be this – the launch and its excitement.

To my surprise, I got compliments from my friends and family on how confident I seemed on the camera than I was at my first book launch. I gave a little pat on my back for being on my toes when practising speaking. I aim to improve more and be excellent at public speaking. 

The book took some time to come for multiple reasons. I was very particular about everything for My Brave Lady. The cover, the typesetting (formatting), the placing of the illustrations and some more tiny details. When satisfied with everything, I gave the go-ahead for printing the copies.

The printer took a little more time, and I was worried that the launch would be postponed to May. I had a planned office visit in the last week of April to Vadodara, and I couldn’t afford to miss both – nor the book launch or the Vadodara trip.

So, I pleaded with my publisher to have the launch before I left for Vadodara. And just a day before, the launch took place. Within an hour after the launch, Amazon was flooded with orders. Thanks to all those early buyers and reviewers. I owe you guys a lot. It’s because of your love and trust that I am still writing.

2. The Vadodara trip

It’s been a year since I joined this company located in Vadodara, Gujarat, virtually. The office had planned a meet and greet for all the team members so that we could interact and meet in person. It was our first meeting but turned out to be the best one.

It was more like a family trip than an official one. We all ate together and planned our after office outings together but slept in different hotel rooms. The office had hosted us in a 4-star hotel with single occupancy.

I enjoyed every second of my time in the hotel room, alone, journaling, writing, and making reels for Instagram. I was in the hotel room for very little time as around 9 hours we were at the office, and after the office went around the city, exploring different food options.

The localites took us out every day, and I’m in awe of their hospitality. One of our teammates invited us to her house for a delicious biryani dinner. We had a wonderful time on her terrace, getting to know each other, and playing Uno.

I’ve included this trip in this blog because both the book launch and the trip went hand-in-hand. While I was with my team members, my heart was in Mumbai, waiting for the book to be delivered to my readers. And this time, my readers got a chance to hold my second baby in their hands before me. I was both happy and sad.

Though I was living each day with great enthusiasm and cheer at Vadodara, I couldn’t wait to hold My Brave Lady in my hands. As I couldn’t afford to waste time, in the night, after coming to the hotel room, I shot videos and pictures and planned my future reels and posts for Instagram. This helped me stay connected with the book launch and not compromise on my trip.

Working in the office, in the chair’s comfort and the centralized air-conditioned seemed like a dream. After two years, being in the office environment felt like going to school for the first time. For some, it felt like Rancho from 3 idiots. They couldn’t help themselves from smiling for the entire day.

We had people from all parts of the country – Mysore, Coimbatore, Delhi, Bareli, Mumbai, Satara, etc.; staying at the hotel. Our day started with a royal breakfast spread across two tables. Fresh juices, milkshakes, yoghurts, fresh fruits, cakes, loaves of bread, croissants, milk (hot and cold), tea, coffee, sandwiches, and sprouts spread on one table and idlis, Wadas, poha, upma, chicken sausages, sautéed veggies, parathas, boiled eggs, and a variety of each on different days on another table.

We sat there in the breakfast hall for an hour and relished our favourites until our stomachs asked us to stop. After reaching the office, our first discussion topic would be what we should order for lunch. Working in the office was fun as we sat next to each other and had company, always unlike working from home.

We were finally pulled off the monotony of working from home, all thanks to the office. I’ve not heard an employer spending so much on its employee’s accommodations, travel, and food.

In the evenings, we roamed the streets of the city. They say Vadodara city is in a full circle. If you go about the entire city, you’ll come back to the point from where you started.

I noticed it’s a clean city and people are crazy about eating outside. We had to wait for a long time for every other famous place we went to. I was more than happy to chat with my colleagues and be with them for some more time.

I think we all craved for that ‘some more time’. For the first three days, we stayed alone in the hotel rooms. According to the corporate culture, they say they accommodate their employees in an individual room to avoid any discomfort. On the fourth day, one of my colleagues who stayed next door accompanied me for the night, and we continued for the rest of the days. After all, comfort was paramount. When there’s understanding, the comfort level is achieved naturally.

On Friday, we did not want to say goodbye to the city, so we planned a trip to the Statue of Unity the next day. It was a 90 kilometres drive from our hotel room which felt like 30. The empty roads, the perfect set of people, and some nice music made the journey comfier.

The scorching heat at the Statue of Unity exhausted us. But our lips were constantly talking, cracking jokes, as if we all had this fear of missing each other once we parted our ways.

This feeling was extraordinary as it wasn’t a family or friends’ trip but an official one. On Sunday, everybody left for their respective hometowns and bid each other the most difficult ‘bye’ of their lives, promising to meet again very soon.

I also miss a beautiful personality I met for the first time and made friends.

3. When I held My Brave Lady in my hands

Holding the book in my hands for the first time when I was back home was a special feeling. I cannot explain how I felt when I moved my hands over her. Yes, My Brave Lady is not just a book; she’s my best friend.

I’ve brought her to life again through this book. I request you all to buy this book and read it to know why I say so. Click here to buy the book now. 

4. Reviews/ Love for My Brave Lady

  • This book is not a guide for behaving with a depressed person but makes you aware that one little effort can make a huge difference. I am sort of sakht( tough guy), but this made me cry many times, especially in the funeral scene & while reading Divyas journal. I feel that i should have met that pure soul once. Hi Divya, if you are reading this i have written a review immediately after reading. Take Care Wherever You Are.
  • I will highly recommend this book to everyone to understand the importance of life, prioritizing close ones, and the importance of friends.
  • I loved the last letter to Divya!

5. Pictures from the book launch and the Vadodara

Until I write to you next, here are a few pictures. I hope you like them.

Take care! Bye!

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