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Last Working Day Be Like!

Last working day is metaphorical to ‘bidaai’. The moment your last working day is announced you start reliving your special moments in your current company.

Similar to a bride to be who is set to start a new episode of her life, you’re set to explore your new workplace. As the last working day or the bidaai nears, everybody around you is both happy and sad for you’re leaving.

Just like the bride-to-be cherishes her moments spent in her room, you do the same at your desk. Your laptop, your drawer, the chair you sat on for so many months/years, and the cubicle that witnessed your highs and lows at work. All of them get your most attention at your last working day. You tend to be lost in a nostalgic world of yours where you sit pondering on the belongings and people that you’ll be leaving behind, just like a bride-to-be would do.

While the new office/workplace awaits you, you reminisce on the train/bus that you took every single day and the similar faces that were your co-travellers. You want to say goodbye to the ones with whom you exchanged smiles. When your new office is situated in a different route altogether, you just wish to sit at the window seat to look outside the train/bus. You find it funny when you know who’ll miss even the odour that would otherwise irritate you whilst you passed by a particular area.

On the day of bidaai, girls switch houses while on the last working day, you switch your workplaces.

The thought that you’ll not see the same faces, who were almost a family to you, with whom you spent the maximum time of the day, and created the most hilarious and beautiful moments, is enough to stir up an emotional turmoil.

The last working day is just incomplete without a farewell just like a bidaai is incomplete without dance.

There’s a beautiful similarity in both these days. Everybody sees you off with a smile on their faces and celebrates that moment with great show and pomp. 

Gifts are planned well in advance to make it a memorable day for you. Tears of joy are shed and promises are made of keeping in touch. But deep down everybody knows how challenging it is to keep the promises.

I know what you’re wondering all this while that why I am writing this today. Well, here’s the reason. Yesterday was my last working day in the second organisation. 

Yesterday I was taken back to my LWD at my first organisation. That day cannot be described in a blog, you have to wait for my book to come out where I’ve written a five-page story of my LWD. It was the most memorable day of my life. 

In my second organisation, it was more or less the same feeling. I went through all the LWD things that I’ve mentioned above. 

Besides all the emotional turmoil that happens, a farewell is a time to be nice to everyone. Sometimes it’s just formality and sometimes it’s right from the heart. 

In my case, it has always been a genuine farewell and hence both have been the most difficult days of my life.

The best thing about this farewell was the gift. They gave me the aptest gift for which I can’t thank them much. It’s a book I’ve always wanted to own – Ikigai: The Japanese Secret a long and happy life.

I was overwhelmed on receiving this and would certainly treasure it for a lifetime. 

As they say, life must go on and change is the only constant. I’m set to explore the new content, new people and a whole new experience. 

Because besides the not-so-good reasons for leaving an organisation, you ought to move ahead in life and not make yourself comfortable in your couches.

In his book, Eleven Commandments Of Life Maximisation, author Santosh Nair says, “Row your boat in the middle of the sea”, which means to take courageous moves when you’re at the top of your career. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Keep moving and keep exploring newer opportunities. That’s when you learn in life.

Unlike the bidaai, let many farewells come your way to help you be a learner for life.

As a content writer, I look forward to a new experience and an opportunity to meet new people. 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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