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How To Fight Loneliness, 7 Ways To Manage It



is the synonym for silence.


it’s the time to explore yourself


it’s the time to analyze your flaws


it’s an opportunity

to be yourself


it’s a bundle of thoughts


Loneliness is worth it

and sometimes,

there’s nothing worse than it.

                                                                                     – ShradViews

Have you ever thought of why you feel scared to go to the kitchen after watching a horror movie? The movie has such a frightening impact on you that you’re petrified even by the noise of the opening door. It’s because you’re continuously thinking about that alarming scene.

You feel your house is also haunted. But that feeling of yours is the hallucination – an experience involving the apparent perception of something that does not exist.

A similar thing happens when a person leaves you (maybe due to a breakup or upon death or just due to some misunderstandings), you start getting a weird feeling. The one who goes creates a vacuum in your life.

That vacuum is called – loneliness.

Sometimes, people are there in your life as they were always, but your brain attracts all the negative thoughts and push you into the lonely world.

Loneliness is the most common feeling for millions of people. For some, it may be a passing emotion, while for others it may be a recurring phase leading to depression and sadness.

Let’s dive into the 5 ways on how to fight loneliness.

1. What exactly you are looking for?

Many a time, you’re unaware of your exact feelings. You find yourself saying, “I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s just a weird feeling”.

Maybe you’re waiting for love from a person, or physical touch or sex and that the person isn’t around. Perhaps you’re looking for simple companionship.

Maybe you’ve faced a recent loss, and you’re struggling to cope up.

You’ve to figure out what’s bothering you and take proper actions to come out of that feeling.

2. Loneliness is a feeling, not a fact

Try to remember that meme which shows a dog leaning his head on the car’s window and the lines imprinted are – ‘Channa MereYa song and window seat.’

You could picture yourself in a window seat listening to Channa Mereya, isn’t it? Sometimes you’re on a train. It’s a crowded one. But luckily you’ve got a window seat.

Do you actually look outside the window and enjoy the momentum of the train? You know what, the answer is astonishingly a big ‘No.’

Once you put on your earphones, lean your head sideways, you automatically go in a lonely mood. Despite there’re hundreds of people traveling with you on the same train, you feel alone.

Loneliness is a feeling and not a fact. If you feel you’re lonely, then yes, you are.

If you wish to look around, peep out of the window, talk to people (though unknown) you’d never feel lonely.

Next time you get a window seat, analyze yourself, and you’ll be surprised at your behavior.

3. Humans tend to do the easy things

It’s a human tendency to do what is easy and takes fewer efforts.

In the Yoga class, our Yoga teacher keeps saying this when our postures are not up to the mark.

You feel it’s easy to sit quite in one place and embrace your sad feeling when you’re alone. And so you continue doing what is more comfortable.

Also, it’s a universal fact that men often end up getting addicted to alcohol or cigarette because that’s the easy way out to fight their loneliness.

If you want to fight your loneliness, it’s you who’ll have to take efforts. Before the feeling of isolation is replaced with depression you need to come out of the trap.

If you don’t know what to do with your life, you may want to read this blog(Click here).

4. Do not rely on one person

You feel lonely after a breakup although you’re surrounded by many people. This happens because all this while your source of happiness was only that one person.

You had limited your life to him/her alone. And that’s the reason the vacuum created after a breakup takes a more extended period to heal.

Don’t rely on one single person to seek emotional contentment. Be self-sufficient.

Also, make sure you have friends by your side whenever you feel lonely. Feeling lonely is just natural. It happens to all of us.

Sometimes your happiness is just a phone call away. Pick up your phone and dial in your best friend’s number. After all, what are they for?

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 5.If you’re lonely and introvert at the same time

Introverts may suffer from severe loneliness because of their apparent characteristics. A quiet and shy person is an introvert.

In this case, it gets difficult to overcome your loneliness. But don’t you worry, there’s a fool-proof way out for you.

Start reading books.  Make friends with the characters in the book. Gradually, they’ll start talking to you and make you feel complete.

Read to know the advantages of reading.

6.Your friend ‘Google.’

You often say ‘Google it’ when someone asks you a question. Same applies to your life also. When you aren’t finding an answer to your query, just google it.

Make friends with Google. It’s an ocean of information and solutions.

There are millions of bloggers writing solutions to make your life content and show you a definite path to life. You only need to go and read the large content available on the internet today.

God helps those who help themselves.

Help yourself, and you’ll overcome your loneliness or any other shortcomings.


Do you know why there are clubs for senior citizens? The main reason being is loneliness.

After retirement, people start feeling lonely. Their office is left behind. There’s no routine to follow. Their children are busy with their own lives. And above all, there’s this dangerous devil of loneliness that suddenly surrounds them.

You must have seen your grandparents going for walks in the morning, then chit-chatting with there “Young guys group” (often named so, as it encourages them to live life to the fullest).

They are well aware that if they don’t indulge in such clubs or group activities loneliness may soon lead to depression and then death.

Similarly, it’s on you to decide whether you want to live alone or socialize and combat your loneliness.

Don’t depend on others. Take a step forward and indulge in various social activities that’ll keep you close to life.

Hoping to see your comments below and tell me what are the things you do to fight your lonely feeling. I’d like to know and implement in my life also.

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    1. Thank you so much dear

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    Much needed blog at this point of time in my life 😊…Wonderful blog shrad ♥

  3. I can totally relate to point number 4 & 5
    Thanks for being with me when i was feeling lonely and thanks for guiding me that time.😘😘😘

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