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How To Improve Your Reading Habit With These 6 Simple Hacks

Do you struggle with the question – How to improve your reading habit? Then is the perfect blog for you. Dive in!

Read for an hour a day. This ritual opens up frontiers that’ll make you a better producer, a more profound thinker, and a richer human.- Robin Sharma.

I like the way Robin Sharma calls reading to be a “ritual.” Yes, it indeed is a ritual. Just like you pray to the good Lord every morning and thank him for the beautiful day He has gifted you, by reading books you’re being thankful to yourself for utilizing this beautiful life of yours in something good.

And books are not good but the best gifts you can give yourself.

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked, “I want to read books, but I get bored and feel sleepy.”

I could completely relate to him. Because back in school, when my father pushed me to read books, my answer would be the same.

But you know what, eventually we all realize the importance of reading, sooner or later.

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Now, the question arises how do you improve your reading habit or start off with the reading ‘ritual.’

So, not to worry, here are some new and exciting tips on how to improve your reading habit.

1. Start off with a newspaper

You can start your reading journey primarily with a paper. Choose your area of interests.

By doing this, you won’t end up in folding back the paper and getting rid of it.

If you’re a sports person, grab the sports section first and if you’re more into the glamour world, go for the page 3 section. And if politics is your niche, the central part of the newspaper is for you.

This is the cheapest hack, as you can read an e-paper also, or simply borrow your neighbor’s paper (most of the times our paper travels the neighborhood and then comes back home).

2. Read anything and everything

You won’t believe if I tell you that when I was a kid, I used to read every hoarding displayed on the roads (the name of the shops also).

Now when I think about it, I fantasize with that habit of mine. Maybe that habit drove me to read further in life.

For a beginner, you should be reading while you eat. Confused? By this, I don’t mean you’ve to hold a book in one hand and eat with the other. No.

When you eat a bar of chocolate, have a drink from a tin or tetra-pack, simply read the ingredients/instructions/warnings behind the wrapper while you chew your food.

You’ll be introduced to so many new words. For instance, this is written behind a dairy milk silk, “Temperature and humidity changes may cause the product to develop a whitish layer, without affecting its fitness for consumption.”

Did you see how many words you found in just one sentence?

3. Read comic books

I feel images are good at telling stories. No wonder why comic books are so favorite even today.

In case you don’t want to go with much of words in the initial stage, then you can go for comic books.

They’re engaging and attractive. Read them, you’ll gradually want to move to more books.

4. Visualize to improve your reading habit

No two persons ever read the same book.

This is so true. Suppose I read a book and you read the same book. But my imagination is different than yours, so ultimately we don’t read the same book.

Because I visualize the characters, plots, and emotions in a different way than you. This is why visualization becomes an essential aspect while you read.

Start visualizing things. You’ll automatically fall in love with reading.

5. Read regularly just as you sleep and eat

To improve your reading habit, you need to get into consistency. If I ask you, do you sleep every day? Do you eat every day?

Your answer has to be ‘yes.’ But if I ask you, “Do you read every day?”

There’ll be a fluctuation in your answer and that’s natural. Not to worry.

Once you build the habit of reading regularly, you’ll not skip a single day come what may.

The other day I read a beautiful caption on Instagram – “Food for mind and food for the body,” for a picture of a book and a bowl of muesli.

If you’re a romantic person, the first book you read is – I too had a love story. Click to buy.

And if you like motivational stuff read – The monk you sold his Ferrari. Click to buy the book.Β 

And this, if you’re both – Life is what you make it. Click here to buy. It’s in HT’s top 10 books for 10 years now.

I recommend these to beginners and guarantee that you’ll not stop by reading just one book. You’ll go on.

It takes one good book to get into the reading habit.

6. Use a highlighter

This is one practice that I follow while I read. Though the entire book is good, there’s this one sentence that you’ll love the most and feel connected to.

Highlight it. It’ll help you feel nice that you’ve read that sentence and on a broader scale that book also.

Yesterday, when I was in my boss’s cabin, you know what we were discussing?

About books. My boss shared his favorite books with me and recommended a few that I should be reading in my age.

No wonder, he’s the boss. As I mentioned in the beginning, books make you a richer person, both monetarily and intellectually.

Your Turn…

So, when are you starting to inculcate this precious habit in yourself?

And, why not start off with reading a small ebook that I’ve written and offered it for free. Just click here you’ll get a little book downloaded to your phone or computer.

Do let me know how did you find these reading hacks in the comment section below. Also, share if you could relate to any of them.
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4 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Reading Habit With These 6 Simple Hacks

  1. I do not have a reading habit but this blog has pushed me to follow a disclipine of reading books daily 😁

  2. lf i am talking about my reading habbit and how extreme a person can be on non reader zone, who knows me better than you. Apki ye tohfa hai mujhe jiski gurudakhshana abhi bhi mujhe dena baaki hai apko 😘

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