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What Do I Write About And Much More


What do I write about – is the most common question that people ask me when I tell them I’m a blogger.

So, I thought, why not write a blog to answer this obvious question and give you people clarity. To start with, I first wrote a travel diary on my school picnic to Ooty & Mysore, when I was in 10th class.

I would write while on the train and in the hotel rooms at night. Today, when I turn the pages of that little diary, I smile, because it actually marks the advent of my writing affair.

Later, in my diploma days, I continued with my diary writing and confined my thoughts to myself.

Only when one of my close friends started his blog on android games, I was introduced to this concept of blogging.

And without giving it a second thought, one beautiful day, I started off with my blog – “Hello India.”

Now if you visit that blog and compare it with this one, you’ll find a significant difference in both. This one is more matured than the previous one.

Back then, I blogged about the daily incidents happening around me, my views on a particular event, and so on.

It was more or less like an open diary.

Gradually, I started reading more, grew along with my blog, and took up blogging seriously. I was passionate about writing blogs and wrote around 300 blogs, which included essays and poems in Hindi, Marathi, and English.

But as you grow with age, you also grow intellectually and let your imagination wander freely. You’re exposed to a whole new world that’s so huge and so innovative.

And that’s the moment you realize you’re just a small part of the big world. The real struggle starts when you desire to make a difference to the world and to yourself also.

This blog was an outcome of the same desire. I wished to see myself grow and help my readers grow along with me.

What do I write about?

Oops…the introduction extended a bit. But I had to mention this. Now coming to the question, I write motivational blogs, self-help blogs, book reviews, and personal encounters.

You can start off reading: 7 Fantastic Tips On Keeping A Creative Journal In 2019

Now I Know Why Kerala Is Called God’s Own Country.

7 Life-Boosting Benefits Of Meditation And Yoga

Basically, about anything and everything I feel like writing, I just go for it.

Touch wood, yesterday I wrote, edited, and designed a 1012 words blog in just 1 hr 20 mins.

My friend says that my writing is improving blog after blog. It’s getting matured and more profound.

I’m humbled by her words and continue to write more and more such profound blogs.


This question is difficult to answer. Because there’s no fixed timing of me sitting with my laptop and typing everything in one go.

And if that’s possible, I’m the happiest person on earth.

When I was working in an IT company, I wrote only on weekends (if they were free). In the gap, I wrote every single day and published one or two blogs per week.

(To know what I’m talking about, read this blog: Why I quit my job)

And now, I write whenever I get time. Weekends are specially reserved for writing.

And where?

Writing space need not be a posh coffee shop or a fancy study. If one wishes to write one can write in any conditions.

I usually write on my bed, amidst the chaotic surrounding with the TV serials going on in the background, parents talking over something and the noise from the neighborhood.

Yes. I have no option than to sit and write in the chaos. And I don’t mind either.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you wish to do something, you’ll do it in any damn circumstances. This applies to studies also. No matter where you stay or in what condition, you ought to study whatsoever.

Also, I write on the train in my google keep app (I’m soon going to shift to OneNote. It’s an excellent tool for writers to save their stuff)

I remember, in college, when my phone’s battery was down, and I was waiting for my friend on the weekend, I wrote something on the tissue paper to kill time(I still have that tissue paper on which I had described our scenic college campus).

Ironically, I wrote this blog (7 subtle things to do on a vacation) inside my house, with sweat flowing down my ears and magically readers enjoyed reading it.

Well, that’s the magic of words.

Also, if you wonder how I’ve blogged back to back, let me tell you that I have secretly taken up this challenge called – “3 blogs in 2 days”

So here I complete the second one, yeah!

See you in the third one. Until then don’t forget to subscribe, because it’s free.



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2 Replies to “What Do I Write About And Much More”

  1. I am awe with the fact that you already completed your 300 blog, even i didn’t knew it. And as i always say i am proud of you, keep motivating me and others, looking forward to read your books 😘😘😘

    1. Thank you dear …yes had completed over 300 blogs on my previous blog site… needs to work hard to reach that milestone

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