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You’re Awesome – You Chose A Blog Over A YouTube Channel!

Yes. You read it right. You are awesome.

You’re awesome for you’ve taken efforts to reach the place where you’re today.
You’re awesome for you’ve survived through the thick and thin.
You’re awesome for you’ve been kind to the world around you, every day.
You’re awesome for you’ve made an effort to put a smile on your parents face, every now and then.

Look into the mirror and see how awesome you are. Look into your eyes and smile, because you’re awesome.

And you know what? You’re awesome because you made an effort to enter your email id and name to subscribe to my blog and get your hands on the free ebook that I’m giving you as a ‘gift.’

You’re awesome because you created a win-win situation by subscribing to my blog. (If not you can still make it happen)

When I sit and ponder on the number of subscribers I have, I see the efforts you’ve made to create this blogger-reader bond.

You know the importance of reading and what wonders it can do to your life. And so you opted to subscribe a blog over a YouTube channel.

There’s a significant difference in a video and a write-up. When you see a video or a movie you see only what the director has to show you.

But when you read a book or an article, you have the freedom of imagination. You are set free to imagine the character as you want.

When you read a book, you get a deeper insight of the entire setup. Sometime you also know what’s going on in the character’s head which is many times not possible in a movie or a video.

They say, “No two persons ever read the same book”

Take a bow – for you decided to subscribe to a blog over a YouTube channel. You’ve won half the battle.
Because for a well-read person, the world is open for them. You not only are a successful person but also a humble human being.

When you read, you learn to think before you act.

You’re awesome for you chose to read.

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And in the long run I’ve realised that words have the power to bring in significant changes in the life of many.

My father got his delayed promotion after writing a couple of letters to the union, I wrote a long letter to a close friend of mine who is miles away to make him realize his potential and the words did it’s magic.

These are the minutest examples. Most of the revolutions were successful with the power of a pen.

Someone’s rightly said, “Pen is mightier than sword.”

Today, I take this moment to share with you that I’ve completed a year of blogging. My heart fills with pride and gratitude when I realise I’ve written 60,000+ words on till date and shall continue sharing my views and motivating one and all.

You're-Awesome -You-Chose-A-Blog-Over-A-YouTube- Channel

I write inspiring blogs, personal experiences and book reviews.

Recently, I published my first short on Amazon Kindle – “Mrs. Rao.” The story is about Mrs.Rao and how love never fades off.

Do read and let me know in the reviews how you liked it. Kindle Unlimited users can read the book for free. 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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