An Open Letter On The Eve Of Friendship Day!


Friendship Day, for me, back in school and college days were buying colorful ribbons, cutting them into equal length, recollecting each friend’s name and writing it on every ribbon, and buying one special ribbon for that best friend of mine. After all, friends are the family that we choose. Friendship is the purest form of […]

Preeti Shenoy-An Inspiration

Sometimes you don’t just follow a person on social media for the namesake, you actually walk on their footsteps, knowingly or unknowingly. Slowly and steadily, you start absorbing the posts, the stories, the statuses that you don’t understand when you’ve begun implementing someone else’s daily activities in your life also. Well, all this is excellent […]

Mumbai Local Trains – A Parallel Universe!


“The train arriving on platform number 4 is 12 car slow local for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus via Harbour Line”, this is something that soothes my mind and soul every evening. Boarding a train back home is sheer happiness. Mumbai Local trains aren’t just the mode of commuting, they’re a way of living life. Every […]