The 40 Minutes Garden Walk


It’s 6 pm when I enter the garden while I put on my earphones. I come here often for my evening walks especially with my Mom. But today that I’ve come alone in my sports shoes and I decide to burn some fat out of my body. The garden is surrounded by tall towers from […]

These 5 Things Happened When We Had A Foreigner In India


India has some peculiar social customs. With over 1.2 billion people and the richness of languages, art forms, food, and cultural habits, India is a mind-boggling experience for people visiting from other countries. Despite all the diversified beauty of our country, we Indians have a special kind of attraction about a fair-skinned, blue-eyed foreigner in […]

A Message Of Appreciation – Part II


For the first time since I started blogging here, I had to end my blog with a ‘to be continued’ note. Please refer to my previous blog to know about the message of appreciation. Click here. 12.Gaurav Though you weren’t in the first eleven, you’re the opening batsman in this blog. Make a note of […]

A Message Of Appreciation


The other day I got a message on Instagram complimenting me for my blog. It was an overwhelming experience. He said, “I like reading your blogs and share them with my family and friends.” Little did I know that my blogs are read by people besides my friends also. Because unless you get feedback or appreciation, […]

The Nightout – Interesting AF


“Hey Guys”, she welcomed us into his beautiful house. The house was lit with 6 antique lanterns hanging in the balcony attached to the living room. Meenakshi had worked a lot on the ambience. She hopped from one room to another to light the candles she had arranged before we stepped into Yadnesh’s house. I admired […]