5 Pointers To Know What Your Passion Actually Is!


In the world where everybody is busy running the Rat-Race, it’s time we pause for a while and discover our passion. Ask yourself this indispensable question “Did I make myself happy today?” This question shall be an eye-opener to most of us who are engrossed in making the world proud, but ourselves. One of my […]

The Hardest Part Of A Journey.

The Hardest Part Of A Journey

I wish I could turn back the clock hands in the reverse direction. I wish I could cease the time where I wished to. I wish I could go back at the moment which is most dearer to me. I wish I could just pause and make everything reappear right away. Sometimes we can only […]

Food Wastage In India, a sorry state!


“Eat to live and don’t live to eat”, a very popular quote on eating, we all are aware of. Ever thought of What if we don’t eat for one day? Or even don’t see food for a day? Isn’t that scary? Yes, it is. For foody people like me, it is not less than a […]

Thoughts On Independence Day

Bharat Humko kJaan Se Pyaara Hai Sabse Nyaara Gulistaan Hamara Hai … I’m sure right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Assam to Gujarat and from Maharashtra to Bengal each one us is familiar with the above lyrics. The music given by A R Rahman gives me goosebumps. The chaotic music played in between the stanzas automatically flashes […]